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Organic CLASSIC Tomato Sauce 12X420g

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Prima Bio organic tomato sauce is produced with round tomatoes grown by our member farms, all located within a few kilometers of the Cooperative, in the province of Foggia. The tomato variety that we have chosen to make our range of both past and ready-made sauces is the round berry Delfo, known for its firm and well-structured pulp and for its delicate taste. The tomatoes, harvested in the months of July, August and September, having reached the right degree of ripeness, are processed in the day to preserve flavors, aromas and nutritional properties. After washing and initial selection, the peel is removed from the tomatoes with steam, only then the tomatoes are shredded, passed and concentrated. The product is then brought to high temperatures, bottled and pasteurized to guarantee its stability over time. From the field to the processing, the organoleptic qualities of the tomato are continuously checked and verified to give our past a sweet and unmistakable flavor of the best tomatoes ripened in the sun.

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