Delicious Italian produce 


Welcome to The Italian Farmers!


The Italian Farmers was delighted to open its doors to the public in October 2013. Our mission was to bring the Real Italian Thing to the British Island. A goal we have greatly accomplished. The proof… come around and see our Italian customers almost in tears when they are able to find the products they were longing for. The ones that really taste and look like home.

But it is not only about high quality products traditionally elaborated. It is also about Fair Trade and appreciation of the farmer's labour and the client's trust. That is why we are affiliated with Campagna Amica, an organization that makes sure that both parties have their rights covered and certifies the origin and authenticity of our food.

In our Deli you will always have the most friendly and expert advice at hand. Just ask and you will be able to have a taste of our products, so that you can discover new flavours and find exactly what you are looking for. Pass by and impress your guests with some exquisite and traditional recipes available from our Italian stuff. We are always happy to help by giving you the best advice on how to blend our genuine ingredients and helping you to become the best chef for one night!!

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