The Prima Bio Società Cooperativa a.r.l. was founded in 1998. It is placed on the slopes of Rignano Garganico hills, surrounded by wildlife of Gargano National Park.
We work on the production, selection, packaging and commercialization of organic products. Our products have been certified organic under the certification body ICEA for over more than 15 years. Prima Bio works through a network of certified organic farms located in the same area.
We want to identify ourselves as a SMART BIO FARM.
We believe sustainability is a critical objective in any type of business. By implementing organic agricultural practices, our production process actively contributes to protecting the ecosystem and to safeguard and conserve the environment. For this reason our goals is a balanced use of natural resources, through the use of sustainable techniques.
We are also careful not to waste water and with such scope implement systems such as that if drip irrigation. We also recycle any waste from fresh fruits through a simple and economic tool. They are used to feed the 350 sheep of the Az. Agricola Socia of Terrenzio Eligio. Finally, in terms of energy consumption, we have chosen the path of self-consumption, placing a photovoltaic system on the roof of both plants and recently we built a biomass facility that replaced the previous facility diesel located in the Az. Agricola Socia Nurseries Villanova.