Since 1979 the SILVIAROSA farm is located in Opi di Fagnano Alto, a small town in the province of L'Aquila immersed in the Sirente-Velino Regional Park.The altitude and the harsh climate allow to obtain a saffron of excellent quality, considered the best in the world.Nothing has changed over the time, flowers and stigmas are still meticulously picked by hand, our work reflecting love and respect for what nature offers.Every year in october, when the saffron fields are in bloom, takes place an old and joyful ritual which involves all the village residents. The blooming cycle of saffron is brief and the picking is concentrated on a few days.Then are removed by hand one by one, very delicately, the three red stigmas enclosed in each flower before being put to dry above embers from oak or almond tree wood only, in order to keep the fragrance, the flavour, and to obtain the crimson colour typical of the spice.You need the stigmas of 170 flowers to obtain one gram of saffron.